Welcome to Advanced Strategies & Design, LLC

Our Firm has recruited the very best talent in the Industry for High Level Business and Estate Planning. This includes a holistic approach whereby we ensure that all we recommend is designed to complement any and all desires our clients have, as well as any current planning that has been completed.

We are a Specialist Firm that only works in the high net worth markets where our clients have accumulated assets typically in the millions.  The vast majority of our clients are Business owners, or were at one time in their life. Our clients typically range from 40 – 85 years old, as do most Business Owners and we have clients all over the United States.

We specialize in strategies that are designed to minimize income, gift and estate taxes, which allow our client's to leverage their life's work.  While some of the techniques may seem complicated, our unique ability is to take complex problems and boil them down into simple strategies that are understandable to our clients and helps provide the financial confidence and financial balance that is sought when exploring financial areas that are usually outside the realm of their own business or specialty.